Nao Oshima & Yumeno Goma

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BiographyOf Nao Oshima



Born in Osaka, Japan



Graduated from Kyoto Seika University     Textile  department, Kyoto



Studied Ceramic and Printing at Bornholms Højskole,  Denmark


I studied textile art in University and after that started ceramic and printing

I get inspiration from natural motif and landscapes in countryside and making small detailed pieces.

By composing those small pieces, I make my own world witch has different stream of time.


Yumeno Goma + Nao Oshima




2010 Galleri Vang, Denmark

2011 Galleri Rasch

        Galleri Vang, Denmark

2012 Cafe Gallery Unite, Kyoto Japan

       Galleri Vang

       Galleri Huz16, Denmark

2013 Gallery Wanowa, Kyoto Japan    

       Galleri Vang

        Galleri Huz16, Denmark



Oshima & Goma