Udstilling fra 18. juni - 22. august.

Oplev glaskunst, møbelkunst, smykker og Anne Marie Helgers "Råbe Rober"

  • Jubilæumskjolen_Done


Crafty costume creations and hefty Helgerisms With photo fantasies in colour by Thomas Cato

From fantasy to reality.

Cut out dolls took up a colossal amount of space in the land of my childhood. From morning till evening I was dreaming myself.

Away from the tough realities into the fairy tale realm of the costumes.

Fortunately father, who was a chief city librarian, read aloud from the entire world literature, while I was drawing, painting and cutting out my paper dolls.

What a combination. Now you are standing here in my exhibition full of ranting, roaring robes!

A spectacularly lavish orgy of costume splendor and feverishly formidable photographic fantasies.With me inside. Also in the adjacent texts which inexorably accompany the pictures. You just can’t avoid them.

That’s the way of roaring robes.They roar and shout, but I want to be absolutely certain that you understand, what they want you to understand!